Impact 2.0 coverImpact 2.0: New mechanisms for linking research and policy

Editors: Bruce Girard and Estela Acosta y Lara
Published by: Fundación Comunica
Date: August 2012
Pages: 167
ISBN: 978-9974-8067-2-6

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1). Introduction

  • New mechanisms for linking research and policy / Bruce Girard

2). Campaigns led by researchers

Projects in which researchers made use of online campaigns to make their research conclusions more visible to the public at large with the expectation that public support and visibility would give their proposals increased legitimacy and support among policymakers.

  • Introduction
  • Internet, research and influence: the strategies of Educación 2020 / Eduardo Araya and Diego Barría
  • Web 2.0 to influence Peru’s ICT sector / Jorge Bossio

3). Online public policy consultations

Projects in which researchers sought to support online public consultation processes in collaboration with government entities.

  • Introduction
  • Policy, research and online public consultations in Brazil and Uruguay / Eduardo Alonso, Federico Beltramelli and Fabro Steibel

4). Explorations

Projects which explored the use of web 2.0 and social networking services to open direct channels of communication between researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders in order to communicate research, collaborate on specific activities, and/or with a more-or-less explicit objective of getting them to know each other better and to build trust.

  • Introduction
  • Four experiences of communication, collaboration and trust-building / Estela Acosta y Lara
  • Impact 2.0 iGuide / Karel Novotný
  • Use of social networking services in public adminstration in Latin America / Raquel Escobar